Thursday, September 22, 2011

30 Days of Lists: Day 22

30 Days of Lists: Day 22: Ways To Avoid Housework

seriously, this has become the biggest "time-suck" of my life! LOL! I absolutely love it - so many creative and wonderfully yummy things on Pinterest! 

2. Facebook 
I've tried to cut back lately...and with my new Pinterest obsession, it's been easy to cut back on Facebook! LOL! 

3. Napping...
When the kids are in school, it's much more appealing to nap then wash the kitchen floor! LOL!

4. Digi Scrapbooking
I'd much rather be creative then clean! LOL! 

5. Knitting
It's so incredibly relaxing and much more fun than cleaning, and sometimes it's so relaxing it turns into #3 - a nap! LOL! 

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