Monday, November 12, 2012

Surgery Eats!

I've had a few people ask what I eat now, so I thought I'd post once a week or so what a typical day looks like for me.

So here is my menu for today, November 12th, 2012

Coffee with 1 equal and 1 tbsp of fat free half & half
1/2 cup of Kashi Go Lean Original cereal with just enough milk to wet it (probably a couple tbsp's)

Morning Snack: 
1 cup skim milk
1 scoop BodyFortress Super Whey Isolate

Jack Links Matador Beef Jerky - 2 3/4 oz (I was running errands and needed something I could eat on the go that would give me a lot of protein)

Afternoon Snack: 
FullBites Bold Cheddar snacks - 1 package

1/3 cup Spaghetti sauce with ground chicken added to it.
2 oz of cooked Ronzoni Healthy Harvest whole grain spaghetti
2 slices of cucumber
1 tbsp of chopped tomato
1 string cheese

Evening Snack:
1 cup skim milk

Calories: 1085
Fat: 23
Carbs: 119
Protein: 106
Fiber: 17

As of today I am down 77lbs, 38.5 inches overall. Remember, I do not drink with my meals - nothing half hour before or half hour after. I keep a 16oz container filled all the time with water or some sort of sugar free beverage. I try to get at least 4 of those in per day. Right now the focus is on protein above anything else - so the calories, carbs, fat, etc. aren't as much a concern as the protein is at this stage.

Here is another picture I shared on Facebook the other day:

I've lost another 5lbs since this picture was taken!

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