Sunday, July 14, 2013

And the saga continues...

I can't remember where I left off...I guess I should have looked before I started this new post but alas, I'll just go ahead and recap...

Last Monday I called my PCP and spoke with the nurse. I let her know that I wanted to talk to my PCP about getting a referral downstate or out of state to see someone else for a second opinion. She said she'd tell Christine and then the wait began...Monday afternoon came and went....Tuesday came and went...Wednesday came and I was just getting ready to post online about how crazy this was and then I get a phone call from a Dr. downstate - Portland to be exact. So all that time I thought my PCP was ignoring me since she hadn't called me, but instead she was really working on getting me a referral to someone else.

So long story short, this Wednesday, Karl and I are headed down to Portland to meet with a new colo-rectal surgeon. It is my understanding he is one of the best in the state so I quite hopeful that he will be able to help me. Of course if I need more surgery, this means going back down to Portland, but at this point I'll go to Mars if it means I get help and get better.

Friday I went for my 2 (well 2.5) week follow-up with the surgeon who did the surgery...I didn't let on that I was going to someone else for a second opinion. He was shocked I am still in so much pain - tired to do an exam but the pain was too much for me - I nearly came off the table - I started to tear up and cry out in pain - he said the sutures are still in tact and everything looks great so he doesn't understand why so much pain still. He put me on another pain killer and more antibiotic and wants me to come back in a week - that won't be happening!!!

So that's where I am at...trying to be hopeful and stay positive. The new painkiller, which was supposed to be so potent, hasn't done much for me. I am trying to get out of the house more and act as "normal" as possible because I am going to go stir crazy sitting in this house anymore than I absolutely have to.

I just want to be normal again...I want to enjoy the summer...I want to just live my life...this has gone on far too long and ruined far too much of my life for the last couple months.

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