Friday, July 5, 2013

Surgery Saga Continues...

So since I didn't hear from the on-call doctor Wednesday afternoon, I decided to call first thing this morning when the office opened. I spoke with the secretary who said she'd have the nurse call me back. It was almost 2 hours later when the nurse finally called me back - she said my blood-work came back fine - no sign of infection. I asked her what the plan was then? I am still having discharge - I am still bleeding - and worst of all the pain is still up there. She said she'd talk to the on-call doctor and get back to me. Well here we's almost 8pm and no call back. I've come to the conclusion that these people are beyond useless. So here I go into another weekend in pain and no relief in sight. When this is all over and my health is back under control, someone will be getting an ear full from me & I can tell you right now, it won't be pretty!

If I wasn't in so much pain still, it would almost be comical...but really it's just pathetic. I have to wonder what these doctors and providers would do in a real city? in a real hospital? you know instead of in the back woods in northern Maine. They wouldn't last a minute. It's times like this that I miss living down in Portland and even more so NYC.

I think I am going to call my PCP on Monday and ask for a referral for a second opinion...downstate...I am done with the incompetence up here.

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