Friday, July 5, 2013

Time to give a shout-out....

Every once in awhile a company comes along that knocks my socks off and I just feel compelled to tell everyone about them. First let me say, I am NOT getting paid in any way, shape or form for giving my review....this is simply me loving something and wanting to share my experience. 

Last month I signed up with Gwynnie Bee after seeing it advertised on the side bar of Facebook many times. 

"Gwynnie Bee is a monthly subscription service for size 10-28. You pay a monthly fee for access to an unlimited wardrobe and unlimited free shipping.
We offer a 30 day free trial period - there's no reason not to try it. Have fun with fashion. Enjoy and exchange."

So I signed up for my free trial and began to pick clothes to put in my virtual "closet". In no time at all I had my first shipment in the mail and it was like Christmas. I received a top, a cardigan and a jacket. Now admittedly I wasn't thinking when I selected a jacket because it's too warm here now for a jacket, but that said, the jacket was awesome. 

This is the jacket - 
and I loved it!! It fit amazingly and was well made and looked awesome. I was sad that it was too warm to wear it! And the color - normally I'd shy away from a color like that but as I loose more weight, I am getting more daring, and I must admit I loved the color. Such a fun piece! 

After I wore those pieces, I sent them back. Did I mention you don't have to launder the items - they take care of that for you. And oh, it's free to ship the items back. You can keep them as long as you want and then when you are ready, ship them back in the provided back and they'll send you something else from your closet. 

My next shipment came and unfortunately both tops were too big. And this was my fault. I am still learning about my new body and what size fits me and honestly I wasn't sure when it comes to clothes  like this - this is more like boutique type clothing and not the run of the mill stuff at Sears or JcPenney, so I ordered bigger thinking it might run small but it doesn't. So those pieces went right back in the mail. 

Today I got my 3rd shipment which included two tops and a denim skirt. And I am in love. I ordered the correct sizes - everything fits - everything is super cute and stylish! 

I got this shirt - 
I love that the sleeves are loose and a bit longer to hide my "bat wings" lol. I love how it ties on the side too - super cute. It's a lightweight material which is good in this heat. 

This is the other shirt I got - 
So when I picked this one I wasn't sure about it - but oh.em.gee. it's awesome. It's like it's ruched  so it's very forgiving of any flaws one might have in their midsection - it makes my waist look defined and smaller and it fits great on the bust...which honestly since surgery I've lost more than I've wanted in the bust, but this fits like a glove. Karl loves this one on me. 

This is by far one of the best subscription sites I've ever tried! There are several levels of membership to fit your budget - you can get as few as one piece out at a time or I think up to five pieces at a time and of course prices vary accordingly. To me it's well worth it - I live in the back woods practically - I would never have the opportunity to try clothes like this normally, nor would I be able to afford to buy clothes like this regularly. This way I get to try them, keep them as long as I want, then send them back and get more. And with the way I've been losing weight it's a great way to get new clothes without the commitment of buying new all the time. 

Check them out- give it a try - free 30 day trial. And I must say their customer service has been impeccable. 

I love Gwynnie Bee and highly recommend them!!! 

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