Saturday, August 31, 2013

1 YEAR!!!

I had intended this post for Wednesday - August 28th - but between doctor's appointments and bad news for hubby's job, it just didn't happen.

So, let's just pretend today is Wednesday and without further ado, I bring you....

1 YEAR!!! 

August 28th, 2012 was the day my whole life changed. It was the day my life started again. It was the day I was "reborn".

August 28th, 2012 I had Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery. 

August 28th, 2012 is right up there with the day I got married and the birth of my two children. a year's time there have been many changes: 

1. I've lost 133lbs

2. I've lost 73 inches

3. I've gone down 7 pants sizes

4. I've gone down 5 tops sizes

5. I've lost one shoe size

6. I learned to swim

7. I've climbed two mountains

8. I've completed numerous 5K's on my treadmill (itching to do one outside & off the treadmill)

9. I've gone on a 10 mile bike ride

10. I've started doing Yoga

11. I've spent hours walking around a fort 

12. I've lost 51% of my excess body weight

13. I've gone down 20 points in my BMI

Some of these things may seem minor to you, but to someone who was morbidly obese and could barely walk, this is major!!! Because of my bad knee, after sitting for 15-20 minutes in the car for example, if I tried to get out of the car and walk, I would hobble and my knee would buckle and practically give out. The fact I can climb a mountain...or ride a bike...or do Yoga is just beyond amazing. The idea I actually enjoy it is positively mind-blowing!!! 

Probably about time I shared some pictures, right? 

Let's take a walk down memory lane...

Summer of 2010
January 2011

Summer of 2011
May 2012 - My highest weight ever! 
August 2012 - 2 Weeks Pre Op

2 Weeks Post Op - September 2012
Sept 12, 2012 

October 10. 2012

November 3, 2012
December 3, 2012
December 16, 2012

January 17, 2013
January 31, 2013
February 13, 2013
March 6, 2013 
April 14, 2013
April 27, 2013
May 25, 2013

June 2, 2013
June 16, 2013 - First time climbing a mountain! Booyah! 
June 20, 2013
July 10. 2013 (Finally having the guts to go wild with my hair color. Sadly it didn't last long!)

August 4, 2013

August 10. 2013 (First time wearing a dress since I got married in 1999.)
August 24, 2013
August 31, 2013

12 months

52 weeks

525,600 minutes

31, 536,000 seconds

1 year

And what an amazing year it has been! 

I've come so far...and yet I have a whole lifetime ahead of me. 

Am I where I ultimately want to be weight-wise? The honest truth is, I am not. I'd like to lose at least 30 more pounds and my surgeon feels that is doable. I want to lose 30lbs and drop my BMI another 10 points. I want to drop two more pants sizes and shirt sizes. 

What scares me is that I still see that obese woman when I look in the mirror. I worry that I could get down to a size 6 and still see that obese woman in the mirror. On one hand, that's good - that fear will hopefully keep me on track...and yet, it's scary that I may never feel complete and happy with my weight loss. 

One of the things they discuss with you prior to surgery was your mental preparedness and how the surgery will affect you mentally. It's incredibly true! Luckily it's not gotten too crazy for me, but I can see where it could get out of control. 

At times I have people comment that I "took the easy way out" or "I thought you did it through hard work", or other completely ignorant thing...the truth is, it IS hard IS is NOT the easy way out. This is the hardest thing I have ever done but it's also been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. 

Looking back at those early pictures is one sets out to gain as much weight as possible...or at least no sane person does. So to see that I had let myself get that big is embarrassing and makes me sad. It's hard to share the pictures - I am afraid of being judged but I hope that maybe I can inspire someone else...not necessarily to have surgery but to take the first step...whether it is to lose weight...or quit drinking...or quit smoking...or gambling or any other addiction ...

I look forward to the next year...I know there are more amazing things in my future!!!

I almost forgot...I got a card from my surgeon and dietitian!