Sunday, June 22, 2014

Book Review: The Opposite of Maybe

** spoiler alert ** 
The Opposite of Maybe is the story of Rosie - a middle aged woman in a long term relationship, who lost her mother as a young child. Her only relative is her grandmother, who is quickly approaching 90yrs old and her health is failing. Rosie and her long term boyfriend, Jonathan, are living the carefree life of a 40-something couple - lazy mornings sleeping in...out to eat regularly...basically doing as they please without anything to weigh them down. And then one morning, in an act of carelessness, they have unprotected sex, never thinking anything will come from it...the deed is done and quickly forgotten. That same morning they find themselves at a local restaurant having breakfast and out of no where Jonathan proposes to Rosie. And thus begins the crazy roller-coaster that ensues Rosie.

A story of relationships, not just between a couple in a long term relationship, but between grandmother and granddaughter, married couples, parent and child to name some. Throughout the story, we see how all these relationships come into play for Rosie and how they shape and mold her life.

After she discovers herself pregnant, everything it does for most women when those two little pink lines show up. Jonathan is clear across the country in San Diego starting up his tea cup museum with a business partner. Rosie is behind in Connecticut, caring for her ailing grandmother and slowly failing in love, not that she wants to admit it.

When Rosie denied Tony (her grandmothers live in helper) and went to California towards the end to be with Jonathan, I was devastated. I wanted her to be with Tony. I wanted her to see that Jonathan was a mistake - that he was never cut out to be a father.

In the end, Rosie finally sees that too and admits to herself, most importantly that she does indeed love Tony and that staying with Jonathan is unfair to each of them.

I loved this book - the only reason I gave it four stars is cause i wished it hadn't ended. I wanted to see even just a bit more of what happened when Rosie came back to Tony. 

I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.

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