Monday, July 21, 2014

Book Review: Imperfectly Bad

Book Review: Imperfectly Bad by A.E. Woodward

** spoiler alert ** Imperfectly Bad is book 3 in the Series of Imperfections books by author A.E. Woodward. Here we get to take a deeper look into the life of Rob. Now I am not going to lie, I liked Rob...he's a bad boy and that was a huge attraction for me for some reason. He's a player and womanizer ...he goes after what he wants and women pretty much fall at his feet...and typically in real life that would not be attractive to me, but in this book I was swooning for Rob. In my mind, Rob looked a bit like Bradley Cooper...yummy! 

When we learn about Rob's estranged wife, I hated her....I hated everything about her. I hated the way she came back into his life and I hated that he still felt this pull to him even after all the bullshit she put him through. 

As the book went on and the big accident, I was openly sobbing. My heart broke into a million little tiny pieces...and then I continued reading...and I felt this way of relief wash over me. 

I loved how the book ended - so happy that Rob ended up with who he did. 

Another must read!

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