Monday, July 21, 2014

Book Review: Imperfectly Perfect

Book Review: Imperfectly Perfect by A.E. Woodward

What can I say about A.E. Woodward that hasn't already been said? She's effin' fabulous! I read Kismet first and that book literally just blew me away. So when I had the chance to read her other books, I admit I was a bit know, you worry that maybe the first book you read will be the best. But not with Woodward!!! Each book I've read I have fallen in love with! 

"Things are perfect only in the eye of the beholder. It's the uniqueness that drives us. Life isn't about what is perfect for everyone else; it's about what is perfect for you."

I instantly fell in love with the MC's - what a somewhat unlikely mix - Shane, Rob, Tyler and Emma - all nearing 30 yrs old - all living together as best friends. It's not long before we discover that sometimes best friends can morph into more. Sometimes what seems imperfect, is actually perfect. 

Wonderfully written debut novel (though as I said this wasn't my first book of A.E.'s that I've read) that flows very well with characters that you can connect with and fall in love with. A book where relationships and friendships are put to the test. A must read!

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