Friday, July 11, 2014

Book Review: Stillwater Rising by Steena Holmes

I received "Stillwater Rising" by Steena Holmes as an ARC. I had recently discovered Steena Holmes after reading two of her books and was hooked. When the opportunity presented itself to get an ARC of her newest book, which is due to release in Nov 2014, I jumped on it. 

Stillwater Rising is the story of a tight knit community torn apart and put to the test after a local teen goes into the elementary school and fatally shoots several children and teachers. Secrets are kept...relationships are put to the test - not only those between friends but also between spouses and parents and children. 

In a day and age when school shootings aren't out of the realm of possibility, this book hits home. It's easy to sit back and say how you would react, but when in that situation you find yourself put to the test. I found myself sympathizing with Jennifer - I understood why she was withdraw...why she had turned to alcohol...why she had so much hate ...when you lose your elementary aged child to a school shooting, it's so easy to be so overcome with so many feelings and lose sight of everything else. 

You'll definitely want to add "Stillwater Rising" to your "To Be Read" list.

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