Wednesday, October 29, 2014

30 Days of Lists: Day 2

Things I Am Good At:

1. Baking/Cooking. 
I grew up in the kitchen alongside my mom. I watched her cater weddings, parties, business functions, school functions, etc. She was the go-to lady for all your baking/cooking needs. She was pretty meticulous in how things were done and how they looked. She had an "eye" for it...not just how things should taste, but how they should be presented as well. Looking back, it's a shame she never had her own actual brick & mortar shop. My mom passed away in June of this year and up until probably Dec/Jan (2013/2014) she was still trying to bake. She got out of the hospital not that long before Christmas and proceeded to come home and attempt to bake cookies to give to her neighbors for the holidays. Not only was she an amazing baker, she had a heart that was pretty big. She loved to do it. I am positive that is where I've gotten it from - I come by it honestly. Baking is my passion. Creating something from a bunch of ingredients and seeing peoples faces light up warms my heart & soul. I hope that she is looking down from above and proud of what I can do and knows what this gift comes from her. <3 div="">

2. Taking naps. I can take a nap like no ones business. LOL Seriously, why did I fight these as a kid? Aren't naps like the best thing since sliced white bread? It's funny, as a kid you fight and scream tooth and nail to avoid them and as an adult you covet them...treasure them even if it's just a 10 minute power nap between the hustle and bustle of every day life. 

3. Reading. Ok, so maybe that sounds stupid. But I come across so many people who admit they don't read or don't like to read. Honestly, that just baffles me. Reading is such an important thing to me that I struggle to understand how any one could not do it?! I am constantly reiterating the importance of reading to my children and it's showing as they love to read too. Reading allows me to travel to places I wouldn't otherwise go. Reading allows me to experience feelings I might not otherwise experience. Reading allows me to play devils' advocate and  take a stance I might not have normally chose in real life. Reading allows me to explore feelings that sometimes I just can't do. There is something about finishing a fabulous book and feeling like you had the wind knocked out of your sails...that it left you breathless and your mind reeling. It's an experience I don't get with television. Television everything is laid out for you - nothing is left to your imagination...but reading...oh reading, you imagine it all - how the characters look, the locations, everything...right down to the color of the sky at dusk and the rust on the pick up truck, etc. How anyone can not like that is beyond me! 

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